We have several offices open in different locations to be able to be close to our clients. We act in the area of audit, advisory and other economic services since the change of social system in our country and as a team we offer complex services for more than 15 years. Currently, our group of clients creates companies with total turnover of more than 1 billion EUR, with assets exceeding 500 mil. EUR, what proves our stability and trustfulness. In last 5 years we are listed among TOP auditing companies within Slovak Republic.
For providing complex offer of economic services the structure of our companies complements ALFA AUDIT TAX, k.s. a licensed company for tax advisory and AD-AUDIT s.r.o. a company providing external services in the area of processing economic agendas.
We have the possibility to provide our services also in Czech Republic where our affiliated company is located as one of the partners of the ALFA AUDIT group is also a licensed auditor in Czech Republic.
List of our clients covers all the areas of economics and business activities. In regard to extensive domestic and international experience and work experience of our experts as well as the whole company we have knowledge and skills on needed level.
In case there is the need to submit more detailed references for your decision, please do not hesitate to contact us.